History of the Cleveland Demons

Cleveland Demons (2012-currently)


In 2011, Greater Cleveland Lacrosse was approached about starting a semi-pro men’s box lacrosse team to represent Cleveland in the Midwest Indoor Lacrosse Association.  With the interest in the sport developing, the Cleveland Demons were formed in 2012 and played an 8-game league schedule.  The first home game in early August of 2012 against the Grand Rapids Dragonfish. Soon, as many men’s players got hooked on “box”, the Demons have grown and become nationally and inter-nationally well known.  By 2015, the Demons played in Continental Indoor Lacrosse League and won the CILL Cup by beating the Dragonfish in the championship game in Pittsburgh.  In 2016, the Demons defended the Cup by beating the host Chicago Outlaws in come from behind fashion to wrap up a 2-year undefeated run.

With the changing ways of the CILL, the Demons left the league in 2017 and focused on attending national tournaments instead. Invited to play in the prestigious Lacrosse All Stars North American Invitational (LASNAI) on the Onondaga Reservation outside of Syracuse, New York, the Cleveland Demons now were playing teams from all over the world and being recognized as one of the top semi-pro teams in the United States.  In early 2018, the Demons traveled to Las Vegas for the Sin City Box Lacrosse Invitational and showed that box lacrosse is not only being played in Northern Ohio but is brimming with local talent.

Cleveland Junior Demons (HS & MS Program)


In 2015, the Cleveland Junior Demons started as an off-shoot of the men’s team and allowed high school and middle school players to participate in box lacrosse and USBOXLA events for the first time. The Junior Demons quickly proved that they were part of the success, because the teams medaled in their first two seasons of events.  Currently, Junior Demons players are being placed on USBOXLA national teams that will compete in Canada as part of the best the world has to offer.